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September 15, 2008


Cracking assignment Andrew.

Ta. Can you and Mr Campbell link to it, I want to make sure people know it's on.

Will do - it's a corker!

Brilliant stuff NP.

I might enter myself, I've got an idea which I think could be quite nice. Evil, but nice - like most Yorkshiremen!

Super duper.
In that case, I might have to ask Andy to help judging!

In that case I pull out ...

Andy's off the panel then, I want to see this...

An ex-student of APSotW is back. It's a brilliant assignment. Count me in.

APSotW newbie but went through all the responses to the last ones in detail(heard about it only recently). How does one submit and is there a limit on the number of slides? Cheers.

I like how varied these assignments are getting now. Should throw up some creative results!

corker of an assignment! i might even have a go.. ha!

i reckon you should get mr s griffin on the panel [or is that a conflict of interest?].. tee hee.

where we have to send the brief?

Ahh, a proper diversion from real work.

Thanks, Andrew.

ooh interesting. i've been too close to YT to submit a response, but I'll be really interested in everyone else's thoughts. nice one np.

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Too bad I missed this one, just worked on a briefing session that was all visual stimulus based (with less emphasis on the brief). Looking forward to the next assignment!

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