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September 09, 2008


I feel your pain. In the first six months at my current job, our CEO used to greet me with: 'Hey Whatchaname, how many glasses did you break today?'

Don't worry. It will pass over as soon as you perform well in the annual pub quiz or table football tournament.

Heh, you do it on your own, I used to have people that knew about my butterfingers and tried to tickle me or distract me while carrying my tea, just to make it worse! Should have joined the circus to learn more about juggling in the end or doing that plate on a stick thing to increase my skills.

You should be happy, probably no one asks you to bring them coffee or tea from the kitchen! That means you can afford to be lazy!

*applause* bravo! bravo! bravo!
best to do it in style, if you're going to do it.


Bit random here - Just wondering if people use video to help planning? I use it quite a bit for insights - couple of examples here - http://www.spacedustfilms.co.uk/planning.html

I hope you said you were "trying to make them a nice early morning brew" ... out of every disaster there's a chance for glory. Or creeping.

This is good news. I was starting to worry.

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