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November 17, 2008


Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance!

I so relate to this post NP ... but you can look at it another way, because win or lose, we get to work in an industry that can make us explode in emotions which compared to many who are consumed in the monotonous process of passiveness, is a much better place to be.


Isn't it explained by the fact that you expect to win - if you don't have the expectation that your ideas are good enough to win (politics aside)then why bother to pitch would be my question?

And why wouldn't you make that phonecall - not to change their decision of course, but perhaps to find out more about wehy the decision was made and how their logic makes you think about them and pitching again?

That's spot on. Pitching, really, is a terrible thing. Giving away lots and lots of free work for a 20% chance of winning something is never a good idea.

However, I suspect the addiction to the adrenalin of the process is what keeps us coming back for more.

And the post rationalising that occurs when you win, is often as pointless as the post rationalising that occurs when you lose.

That's a good point about winning, it's so easy to convince yourself luck had nothing to do with it.

And John, I agree you expect to win, you have to do. That has its own problems - sometimes winning is much less about joy and more relief at not losing.

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