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January 06, 2009


Nice post.
Agreed about limitless choice, thats sometimes the worst thing about blogging; you can try too hard to fill space that maybe doesn't need filling.

Right On. It's social, it's thoughtful, it might just make people's lives better once in a while.

hey NP - happy birthday lovely! [nothing to do with this post, really. well, not directly i guess]

Nice post NP, loved the post, exactly the reasons to be in planning.

all the best from dedicated reader from Croatia

Thanks Lauren. I don't look a day older than 25.

Birthday? Rats I forgot... hope you had a good day!

Hi nice post and interesting to see why you chose planning. Worked in an agency for a few years and flitted between wanted to be planner or qual reseracher - eventually settling on researcher as I felt more suited to it.
The comments "planners are really nice, interesting, generous people" and "Because you never stop learning...planning's really about culture and people, that never stops developing and changing, so there's always something to learn", made me think would you have gone into the field of Qual research?

This is a very good incentive for junior planners or wannabe planners.

Here, i will spread it via twitter ;)

This is a very good incentive for junior planners or wannabe planners.

Here, i will spread it via twitter ;)

Because you're worth it?

How come you haven't posted in two week? Catch up on Monday?

That's why I got into it and love planning - I'll learn for ever every day and pretty much never be able to know/comprehend everything that is going on.

The main pitfall is when you think you 'got there or it' though...

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