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March 24, 2009


So true!!!.... and surprises me that this came from a man. For me, as a woman, just the right shoe can make me feel powerful in a meeting (of course I have something inside, but sometimes the client isn't sure about it).
Can work as a good tool to boost some situations!

Monica..actually all people should dress from the shoes up. a great pair of shoes, then the right tailored shirt. the rest is academic

NP..next time: Tony Soprano..funny, all business, but with an edge..

Padded stomach?

How's about Paulie Walnuts?

How about pretending to be Freddie Mercury? Go on ...

You know the answere to that..

I thought you hair style was more tony than paulie :)

and give the stomach some time..with wealth it will come. it always does

hence my 6"4 190 pounds..

OK ... OK ... what about Brian 'poodle' May?

I mean Brian 'poodle' May as he appeared in the "I Want To Break Free" video.

Very true.

I once did hosted a school talent show dressed in a 50's teddy boy jacket. It absolutely changed the way I acted for the whole night without any prior planning.

As for next time, how about a 60's beatnik poet

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