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March 19, 2009


Great post. Here is what I miss:

Playing baseball in the summer

Renting (not having a mortgage)

University nights

Being single (but not really)

The Dream

The World without the web (only sometimes)

Bush X

TGI Friday's

The OJ Trial

Beach Volleyball

16 Year old joyrides

Zero responsibility

Limitless Possibilities


8 week terms.

Proper weather (you don't get it in London).

£1.85 for a pint of Stella.

Being fit.

My dad.

University drinking.

Thinking I understand women.

Skinny t-shirts.

Not feeling old at gigs.

Being excited about a new Oasis album.


Global Hypercolour t-shirts. Yes, they were awful, but the day you got your first one was bloody exciting.

What a lovely, lovely post. Thank you.

Being able to run to my Mum and Dad and know that whatever was wrong, would be OK.

Your recipe posts!

My mum

My grandfather and his stories

The green fixed frame I had when I was 10

Sizzling summers in Romania with 40 degrees outside and swimming every day

Poking fun at my brother when he lost playstation games to me

The excitement of first kiss with someone new

My best friend who is now in Germany

My bum hurting from snowboarding and the pleasant ache from it afterwards, every time

Being able to just hang around with my friends and no one going 'to work the next day'

my blue hair - although I might not be able to pull it off like at 14

my dad's sense of humour and our saturday afternoons together


No wait, Fulham more

scrapbooks my best friend and I put together

my piano teacher

family get-togethers even though they ended up in tears sometimes

Monkey Island/Day of the tentacle/old indy

I don't miss giggling at the people above me who miss university drinking! :D

Oh sorry, you said 'what' and I gave some 'who' answers

I miss when my children were little.
Riding my horse in the Colorado Mountains.
Fishing in a stream with a willow pole and worms.
Hiking the mountains.
Making candy at Christmas.
Sailing in warm waters.
Traveling with my daughter.

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