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July 30, 2009


Cool - this is on my wishlist I think. Sounds good.

I'm a northerner, but planning down South so I like to think I know how to munch on a pie but also sip a double-shot-double-dry-soya-latte like they do down here. Important to know both.

It's kinda what I think I was trying to get across here: http://markhadfield.typepad.com/that_gormandizer_man/2009/01/trusting-my-working-class-gut.html

I'll be sure to check it out! I always find Peter Kay's stand up's are such a good insight into Northern behavior too :)


I was a bit disappointed when I read Pies and Prejudice. Maybe it's because I'm a bit younger but it definitely didn't feel like the working class north east where I grew up.

Also, I got a 2nd hand copy of Watching the English on your recommendation and found it generally quite enlightening. It's the first proper anthropology book I'd read so was quite interesting. I thought she focused too much on middle class people and her discussion of working class life was a bit idealised in my opinion, but on the whole was good. Also, the part on generational attitudes changing over time was just woeful. Her data wasn't comparing like for like so trying to draw the kind of conclusions she did from it was almost criminal!

Any other recommendations?

I've been reading Adventures on the High Teas on and off by the same guy...and probably Cider with the Roadies is in the same area as these two and I'm discovering things I knew but didn't really *know* - kind of liking the feeling. Pies and Prejudice seemed too strange for me to begin with..

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