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September 11, 2009


This might sound totally unmanly to say this - especially to someone I've never actually met - but everyone who reads this blog knows you'll be a great Dad.

It's not because you're a planner who managed to survive and thrive in an agency and region of the UK that didn't know what a planner was, let alone whether they wanted one ... in fact it has nothing to do with your job, your experiences, your brilliant swimming ability, your bald head or even your love for The Smiths [which should be a cause for Social Services]

You're going to be a great dad because you're a top man who is a excited about the change coming into his life and that assures you of being a top parent and raising a top kid and I salute you and Mrs NP for that.

Enjoy every second, even when you're a bleary eyed, bad tempered bastard that just can't understand why your son/daughter "would do a thing like that!"

You are very nice.
Not sure a deserve it, but thanks anyway

I'll second RobC's comment, though for me the Smiths thing is positive not negative!

"Mundane things like tea and Sunday papers become increasingly special as you realise they'll be gone for a while."

A WHILE? you're kidding right? Don't think I've read a sunday paper in 3 years. Apart from on a Monday in the office.

Best of luck - it's all good.

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