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October 26, 2009



Congratulations to the family, I bet the wait has been well worth it :)

He is a fortunate young chap to be born into such a loving family. Hope you both recover well!

Oh and PS: please don't abandon the blog! Even if you won't get much time to write about stuff!

Many congratulations to you all and welcome to young William David Andrew.

Lots of love

Fee and Chris

Congratulations to Juliette and you on your newborn. Young William definitely seems to be a "Bundle of Joy"....



Lovely name too. :)

Congratulations to the Hovells family.

Good work Mrs. Hovells. Great hair Hovells junior. Get a wax Mr. Hovells.

Hope you're all on the mend and back home soon.

Congratulations to all. Similar thing happened with our second - was horrid not being able to take him home. But all good in the end. Good to see he hasn't inherited his father's hair.

late to this... congrats dude!

He's beautiful. Congratulations to you both.

Congratulations :)

Wonderful. Really, really wonderful.

Well done you all - great news Andrew - enjoy this time which is a truly beautiful time.

Hi there Andrew,
After our brief meeting last year and your suggestion that I 'make myself known', I thought that this is the perfect time to do so.
Many congratulations to you both, and with boys aged 6 and 3, I can highly recommend 'Raising Boys'.
Best wishes

Hello Judith
Nice to hear from you. Hope things are okay with you.
Still enjoying Larry David one presumes?

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