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November 25, 2009


Brilliant and beautiful.

I especially love the bit where you talk about if you love someone then they're pretty lucky because you love them completely and utterly.

It's worth remembering passion doesn't mean you have to be excessive or exaggerated in your behaviour - that's more an image Hollywood and Football has created. That or knowing too many Italians when you are young.

Seriously, I love this and given we're in an industry where we're supposed to know what is going on INSIDE people's heads and lives - not just what they say or do - this should be relevant to all, even if they think parenthood is the domain of the boring, old or sad. [Which it isn't, even if you may qualify for a couple of those attributes, ha) ]

Thank you mate, what a top bloke you are.

BTW, did you ever see this?


No but thankyou. How did you get a picture of his feet?

As ever Mr. H, you have summed up (if not briefly) what we all as new fathers (and yes, with 9 and 7 year olds it still feels new sometimes) go through. For me, the above all else feeling was one of instant mortality. It's a circle of life realization, I guess! Enjoy every second mate. Hope you three are well.

Im 19 and going to be a dad this july. reading what you posted really made sence to me. i was thinking i want them to do this do that, but really you want them to do what they want to do. i suppose you never know how its going to feel being a dad intill you are one.

Thank you, this has brought a tear to my eye. Just what I needed.

Cute baby!! I think a man of interests, when I really like something, I really like something. Tea indicates more than life itself, food preparation, boating, Saturdays on the motorcycle.

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