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December 18, 2009


I my lowly opinion, the best planners are those with life experience rather than industry experience so given you're already in the Premier League, I guess this decision means you're going to be even better, smarter and nicer than ever before.

What hope for the rest of us.

For what its worth, this is one of my favourite posts of the year - and valuable too - because too many in our industry forget society have their own issues/needs/wants and no amount of advertising is going to make them care more about 'Chicken Tonight' than watching their son/daughter grow up.

This was a great blog post to read. It reminds me exactly of my own experience.

Its a great day when day you wake up and see what really matters.

When you see clearly that you are missing out on what is really important.

When you realise that that the things you thought mattered are nothing more than an open handful of sand on a windy day.

Many around you won't see what you see. That's their problem. Maybe if they are lucky they will see it one day.

I just hope its not too late for them.

Am really looking forward to reading this blog in 2010.

Good luck.

The truest thing I heard is that before you have children you're the picture, after you have children you're the frame.
Personally I never found a conflict between advertising and having children.
Quite the opposite.
What you learn from raising children makes you better at understanding people.
While your son is tiny is the perfect time to check out Freud on the transition from Id to Ego to Superego.
You've got a little live laboratory right there and you can watch it happening.
Then you've really got some understanding you can bring to the way people work.

You just reminded me of the best quote about parenting I heard.
"If you want to know the best thing you can do for your children it's simple: love their mother."

Dave reminded me of the best insight about parenting I heard ...

"Women will love their children more than their husbands".

Might explain why I have a cat.

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