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January 13, 2010


Nice post.

I agree about unfinished things, though we always need to keep an eye on just how interested people are in actually taking part. If we always presume they want to join in we end up doing the reverse of bludgeoning them them.

Lovely post ...

Isn't the lesson people own brands - not the companies who make them - hence they constantly evolve & develop in a multitude of ways ... ways that can be encouraged but rarely dictated.

That's the problem with society, they have their own minds and ideas. Ha.

Happy now?

Grand post. Thumbs up and all that, what an enjoyable read.

With respect to atoms, I once read that if you removed all the empty space from the atomic particles composing the entire human race, we would all fit in a sugar cube.

Physics is more creative and exciting than advertising could ever be, I think.

Don't get me started on this..
You age at different rate depending on what floor you're on in a building

The faster you move, the heavier you get

Events in the future can affect what happened in the past

Like waiting for a bus ... but they've all come now, so you're off the hook for a little while.

Nice post. I indicated it in my blog.

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