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February 18, 2010


As a hairdresser myself, my personal opinion of Dove shampoo is that it is full of wax and will just simply make your hair feel like its healthier when it really isnt. It masks your split ends to make them look like they are gone when in reality, they arent!

Maybe it's a sick joke because they made me spend 2 years working on Salon Selectives and Organics ... and sadly, I still can tell the shampoo brand by its smell. We should sue ...

Great post though ... amazing how simple mistakes are made in this category.

Maybe there's also an iconic role of hairs...

Think about the way we represent both sexs in pictogram: women have always long hait, it's one of the few typical identity attribute.

It can be worse. It can be mascara, where every new mascara promises to make your lashes twice as long and thick as the previous one!

Hello, I like what mentioned above, is very interesting information provided. Thank you!!

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