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February 24, 2010


since im late to robs party today, i shall confess here that i read your blog, too :) and it is very interesting indeed. whether you write about recipes or planning...

this hair thing you wrote about got me thinking. i might be mistaken, but i would counter the idea of women using their hair to define themselves (if you even meant it that way anywhere in the post). isnt it more a way to communicate how you define yourself. but then, even that might be too much to say. hair is there. of course a woman wants to look good when she looks in the mirror. so does a man. whatever good means... long hair is something that communicates femininity in western societies. you can be very feminine (whatever that actually means) with shorter hair as well. that it boils down to hair? quite frankly, when i go out and talk to guys who try to flirt with me, they start out telling me that they like my hair. its always like that! i mean, thanks, but i got it the way i have it because I like it. actually, its almost a reason to cut it. but then its a good filter hahaha. hair compliments bore me senseless. i just recently laughed with a friend about that and put up the theses that men who are appreciating the long hair feminity so much are either subconsciously gay or dont feel very 'manly' themselves, ha.

if a mother or business woman has shorter hair, it might solely be for practical reasons. its just easier to handle if you have a busy life... and it might not be short for the purpose of sending out special messages.

so i guess i agree its about freedom to do what you bloody well like.

Hi Peggy
I wish you'd written the post and not me. All I was (badly) trying to say is that modern culture is all about transformation and being a lot of 'selves' hair offers possibility for transformation more than most stuff - I suppose I mean hair offers the chance to define yourself in ways you didn't think you could.
But. as you say, in the end, it's just fun, it's your and do what you want with it....I think there's a similar point about fashion, I've read academic tomes on fashion's role in culture, I've had to engage with hi-fashion brands that take themselves VERY seriously, they won't take a shot for a ad until they've worked out its backstory and narrative and character motivations. But in the end, it's just dressing up to feel nice.
I think that's my point- more carefreeness and joy - less vision and 'significance'.
ghd used to get letters from women genuinely grateful that they could enjoy their hair - it struck me it should be more celebratory, less elite and bitchy, but they wouldn't have it.

you better not wish i had written the post andrew. you got experience working on the business. thats nothing i have to offer. besides, i was a little rushing this afternoon and forgot to say that i actually like the post.

i was just wondering if women actually use their hair to define themselves. just because, as you say, there are so many possibilities when it comes to styling/haircuts and there are many 'roles' women play. so, even if you start out with a clear purpose, will the one who looks at you figure out what you meant... since its all a bit merged these days, losing meaning. or call it individuality. i dont know... so yes, isnt it about carefreeness and joy, as you say... even dressing up has so many layers. for example, i went to a classical concert last weekend. after that i went home and changed because i wanted to go to a club for some dancehall and d&b. i would say i dressed up for both occasions to feel nice and enjoy it. but in totally different ways. high heels vs sneakers etc... why did i do it. i could have gone with my drum and bass outfit to see the pianist. it probably would have earned me strange looks though. its been a rather conservative setting/location and one knows what is expected. not that heels would have been neccessary... i didnt want to go to the club in my classical concert outfit, since dancing to d&b in heels is no fun for me. dont think the outfit would have earned me strange looks there though... i like your point about hair and fashion sharing the 'joy and carefreeness' factor. also, those letters are very interesting. especially as ghd put out an ad saying 'may my new curls make her feel choked with jealousy'. i guess they got the letters before they went down that road?.. on ghd's website is a (new?) rapunzel ad. its capturing an idea of enjoying yourself and doing what you like, i think. i feel a bit sorry for the knight though :)

I mean the kid is 25 with 2 superbowls now. I mean if he was to play for the lions would he be able to take them to a super bowl?
Now instead of using Roethlisberger what about Tom Brady? Could he take the lions to the super bowl?

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. I've loved everything in your blog, Thank you for sharing !

As a female and a former Palmolive account drone, I really enjoyed this post (and the accompanying part 1)! It's incredible the amount of research that the hair/beauty companies do, yet what they consider is the ultimate 'ground-breaking' insight for the entire range of products is that "A woman sees her hair as her crowning glory". Honestly, who talks like that? I agree it's about play, it's about having fun, it's about choice and it's also about control, but in the sense of working on a project and having satisfaction at a finished product: You are your own creation, before and after.

Thanks for a really inspiring and insightful post.

Hello Kaichin and welcome. Glad you agree. There's far too much 'planning competence' and not enough 'cultural inpection' in this market,not nearly enough..

You are a very smart person! :)

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