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March 05, 2010


From an essay by Howard Gossage:
'It is something like an account I once read of a game Tolstoy and his little chums used to play at Yasna Polyana: they would sit around the nursery trying not to think about the Great Bear who sits on top of the North pole. They found this difficult.'

Slippers surely.

Unfortunately for you NP, yours is the only blog I can access behind the Great Firewall of China so I can see this blatant disregard for my gentle state of mind ...

Also, I wear tutu's regulary so it's a bad analogy ... imagining me in shoes would be much better ... but the point is made though I'd love to know which agency you are referring to which required my photo to ram home the point.


You know very well which one, th Disruptiion one.

Have you a good pair of legs then?

What a great thought, and thanx for make me see that disgusting image, jajajajajajajajaja, absolutely great post dude!!

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