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May 24, 2010


Is it physiology or psychology? I recently tried to lift the blues via exercise and found that my mind just kept sabotaging me. Next day when the mood was better, the exercise was way more productive. That was an extreme case, but I wonder if you think it's a factor at lesser extremes too?

Good call on the magazines. Not enough focus in them - even specialist ones. And too much of a single voice as well if you read them over protracted periods.

Good point on physiology v psychology. In my exeperience it's kind of both - the body does follow the mind.
Working days really do seem to depend on your mood and overall mental state - if I'm stuck I just spend time with something green, I'm not convinced it really makes my mind more creative, but th act fools the brain into being more innovative than it really is.
It's certainly the case that your mental state governs performance, rituals provide a false sense of confidence for example. But there are still days when you're body refuses to work, or it decides to perform out of it's skin. I don't believe in biorythms or anything, though..

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