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July 13, 2010


This is a great post Northern [groper] ... not just for planners but agencies [and clients] as well.

I must admit I find it amazing that in these bean-counting days, so many big clients are consolidating their business with high-cost London agencies when there are many brilliant comms companies and people in the less glam areas of the country.

Of course not all London ad companies are overpriced and undertalented ... just like not all regional agencies are underpriced and overtalented, but I do feel their is a belief that if you're not in the capital, you're not a real player and that's just plain bollocks - especially when you see where so many people in these 'uber' agencies actually come from.

Saying that, I don't think that means you should automatically regard working in London as the be-all, end-all ... as I wrote here: http://tinyurl.com/yzr7ajr [about you] ... I think you get a shitload of experience and knowledge you might not get if you went straight to a major agency in the smoke which is why I also think going overseas would be majorly, majorly, majorly beneficial - not just to your career, but also your life.

Infact the only thing I disagree with is your inferred statement that if you're over 25, you're too old to try a new country because it's not true and if you let me, I'd prove it to you.

Maybe when Will is a little older.

Agreed, I know some very, very, very good people who have never worked in London or anywhere close - it's just that their mindset and enthusiasm for thinking a little harder and shaking things around until they REALLY work is the exception rather than the rule.
And agree about overseas,something I'll bitterly regret if it never happens - as you say, my boy needs to be old enough, he comes first.
Every man I know has an 'I could have been a contender story' I have too many and could so with one less maybe

Nice post Northern Planner..what's that thing,is it a logo?well looks so cute...like it!

I'd say go to Asia or Latin America. Fish where the fish are.

But quickly.

Both are oversupplied with bright, ambitious 25 yr olds. Who speak the languages, and understand the cultures.

And given that a knowledge of what's cool within the confines of the M25 is of no consequence, bring something very special to the party.

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