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July 15, 2010


I guess nike started to try it by sponsoring Tiger Woods, as well as the odd magazine like Golf Punk.

It's a sport that is a bit too steeped in stuffiness and tradition. Not that those are inherently bad things, but I think it would be beneficial to the sport to open up more. (Look at what 20/20 has done for interest in cricket)

The reason it hasn't opened more is because its appeal is (partly) elitist.

It's a sport which is incredibly expensive, and always will be - there are huge cost barriers to entry. Your example of tennis; most people can afford a racket. Learning to play golf, with lessons, lost balls, new clubs as people change/improve, is vastly expensive (believe me, I've spent thousands).

I think more could be done to make a virtue of the players' personalities, as it's how a sport like that lives and dies (which is very much like tennis).

The majority of golf's revenue comes from people who have either made it, or play it as a status symbol. Now, by radically modernising it - would you kill the golden goose?

(I'm not trying to pour water on this; I've played golf since I was 14, and love the sport, and wish, at times, it was less stuffy - I'm just not sure there is a silver bullet).

Great videos..thanks for sharing it...well, i love tennis so much..so enjoyable sport.

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