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July 06, 2010


I think there's so many little nuggets of gold in this post ... including the fact that no matter how good you think you are, you can always benefit from working with someone else.

The thing I find funny is that the best sports people in the World acknowledge this approach [I obviously include you in that statement Northern] and yet so many people in adland think they are above getting advice from others - which is utterly tragic, especially for a people-based industry.

I find it amazing 20 degrees of head movement is the difference between potential & peak but the best point is you knew that you could do better and sought out help, because to me, knowing your shortcomings is as important as knowing your strengths.

Love this post and look forward to seeing/hearing the swimming results.

I'm not, the other emerging barrier is a child who's started waking up at 5am. Strenght and honour.
Or, since you're a WK boy now, embracing failure.
To be honest, it's the journey that matters more, being able to focus on something etc.
Just out of interest, I recently re-read a Gladwell article on the dangers of deifying the talent - rather than working on the system they work in. To quote, if you always have to think outside the box, maybe it's time to fix the box.
There are far too many 'stars' in this industry - problem is, if someone tells you your amazing, you start believing it

So Will's early morning screams have got you training properly again, is that what you're saying? Don't know if that will win you 'Dad of the Year' but it's a bloody honest response, ha.

Don't get me started on the 'stars' thing - it drives me mental, especially as it seems it's less to do with what they've produced and more to do with how much PR they've been able to muster. Not all of course, but my god there's a load - and it especially bothers me because some of the unseen gods [ie: Mark Sareff, the best fucking planner in the Universe ... followed by you, obviously] don't get any credit simply because they don't whore themselves out like errrrm, me.

Anyway, as for the 'embracing failure' thing, I still love this quote by Peter Ustinov:


Which could be why I like to hire people who've had a varied life, not just an advertising one.

Love this post NP, love it an excessive amount.

Oh no, you misunderstand, he's stopping me training through sheer tiredness from lack of sleep. I won't win Dad of the year and I certainly won't win the Great North Swim.
However, a beautiful boy who obviously loves being with you shouting Daadadaddadada is as close to pure joy as it gets, it even beats doing Disruption briefs.

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