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August 09, 2010


Couldn't agree more. British services are appaling.

There are a couple of solutions to the problem already, though, just not very joined up.

This is ons http://www.5minutesaway.co.uk/ - there's a book too, but I didn't find it very useful. The site is true to its word: things are 5 minutes away - but that doesn't mean they're very good.

The other is very low tech indeed. We bought a copy of 'Eating out in Ppubs' - it's a Michelin book so the maps are good and the pubs aren't all pricey, just really nice. It lives in the glove box and has provided some brilliant lunches, normally about 15 mins drive off the motorway.

I had an appalling M1 service station experience on Saturday (wrote outraged email to Costa's chief exec and everything).

But on the trip down on Friday I stopped at a retail park just off the m-way - you get the same loos and food court set up but decidedly better shops for leg stretching & window shopping :-)

The A1 is better generally for random places to stop I find - lots of farm parks, national trust places and the like.

Looks like this is a hot topic at the moment - there's a free downloadable guide out now that the Guardian has just written about...


Ha! I should have known it was too obvious for somebody not to be doing something.
However, it still needs pulling together, I'd want all that information baked into an app that works with GPS so you're never lost for something decent to eat. Even better, it evolves with the people who use it.

I hope there could aside a program for locations like these.

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