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September 20, 2010


"the only thing that would be different now might be each character having their own Facebook account, the book, the extra episodes online, the exclusives and the leaks and maybe even releasing new characters and story arcs to hardcore fans and maybe letting them in on the story"

And you know what - I think it would be less good, and much less effective, for it.

A lot of the idea's emotional power came from not knowing, from being one-step removed, out of the loop etc. You had to join the dots and fill the blanks in your own mind. And you had to wait (now there's a novel idea!!), the patience and expectation adding to the 'experience'.

But put it all out in the open and available now, interactive with nothing hidden (as you would feel obliged to do), and you kill the mystery and intruige that made the relationship so interesting (who are these people, what do they think, what happens in their lives?).

When you can have it all and know it all, what is there to care about any more. And will I actually be bothered to do the 'engagement' thing anyway? It's only a coffee brand after all - do i really want to spend hours of my time in 'conversation'?

Call me old fashioned, but I still think there merit in keeping things simple sometimes.

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