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September 06, 2010


Agreed. Real insights into male bahaviour are so much nicer than the staid cliche's churned out so often.

Although the VB boys seem to be getting quite close, if you know what I mean, after drinking the real beer.

I think it's great too, and you've now brilliantly shown me the reasons why that is and why it rings true.

But is there any way to find out if their thinking was actually that nuanced?

Or this:


It's nice but for me it's a typical Aussie beer ad and when I worked on the brand, I saw an opp for them to do something a bit more meaningful [which our VB Symphony was supposed to be the bridge for]

Saying that, Droga did an absolutely amazingly brill job on the Anzac Day campaign for VB and I hope that is the start of something bigger than just sponsored bloke jokes which - admitedlly - I know the clients demand more than the agency.

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