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October 13, 2010


Best. Post. Ever.


Britain's favourite (and biggest) sausage by a country mile.

£120m at retail and growing fast (£80m 3 years ago).

Despite limited (for FMCG) ad spend.

Which still delivers £6 incremental sales for ever £1 spent.

The people have spoken.


Fair point, but despite my obvious elitist hate for the ad (shows why you shouldn't have a pop at other people's work in public)it's my hate for the product that counts - it's aimed at people who don't really like food, like Dido is aimed at people who don't really like music.

Don't think even the client would disagree there.

Although less that it's people who don't like food - they do very much enjoy it. But more that they have limited horizons - it's a cliche but 'i know what i like and i like what i know'.

One of the most instructive comments you hear about Richmond: 'it tastes like a sausage' (for which read - it tastes like how i think, from my experience, a sausage should taste vs. all the new fancy stuff with bits in liked by people who work in advertising!)

And on the ad, what's most interesting is that we (QS and client) have always felt that it's good but not great, and could be much better (hence new ad). Yet it shifts product like nobodies business. Which again shows that, much to the horror of proper sausage lovers, people love Richmond.

This brings back meat memories NP.

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