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November 05, 2010


This is an awesome post - and timely given 2 of my friends became parents last Saturday and I've begged them to write about how parenthood is/will change them.

I love watching kids see things for the first time for all the reasons you say. One of the best things I've witnessed was going to the cinema and watching kids watching Harry Potter.

It wasn't just that they were dressed up like the 4-eyed magician, it's how they were using their wands to cast spells along with Harry ... it was, for them, truly interactive cinema even if their actions in the boring real World, were doing nothing.

I also remember doing some research where we asked kids to say the things they remembered from some cartoons we showed them, and their ability to notice details that were not part of the main action was incredible. For them, the experience was enhanced by the little, incidental elements of what they were watching rather than simply the central character - another element that adults seem to lose the power of.

Suspending belief is a wonderful thing and watching kids embrace it is one of the other gifts they give the World.

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