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December 30, 2010


NP, this makes me a bit of a saddy, but i'm looking forward to this series and may well hassle you when you get to object #38 and think 'ah, can't be fucked'.. :)

i especially like the story behind your very stylish manpurse, because i am also coming to accept that i'm am USELESS in holding onto stuff that isn't pretty much attached to me. i think i need to find a manpurse equivalent of gloves, scarves, hats, phones and pens.

oh, and happy new year.

I've just seen this and it's immediately filled me with joy and glee. Of course for very bad reasons, but suddenly I am no longer the sole member of the sad adman club, I have a friend, even if you might not want to admit that.

Now tell me, do you keep it because it's so huge it stops you losing it - or is it now like my uber-sad calculator, something that is far more significant than simply something that stores your cash, but stores quite a few important and sentimental memories?

Hi Lauren, somehow I'll stick with it. Pleased somebody shares my pain anyhow.
And Mr Campbell, I do hold on to it thanks to magical un-losable properties, but you're right, it's got too much story in it to ever replace. God help me if I ever Do lose it. Now this means I can never mock your calculator again

Or my birkies, queen albums and forest calendars.

That's pushing it

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