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January 25, 2011


I like that post a lot. "Put another way, that car is about becoming comfortable in your own skin and coming to terms with who you are rather [than] what others want or what you've deluded yourself into."
Exactly what it is about. At least for me. I couldn't give 50 cent about people who judge me by the car I drive. Many seem to do. I notice that because I often drive a shiny new car. My fifteen year old car is worth 50 cent. But it still works. In a weird way, I love it. I see no point in getting rid of it. What I find really sad are people who cannot afford to buy a certain car and end up working for instalments. Is this enjoying life and the freedom, fun, sexiness, whatever they allgedly bought into? Oh well, to each their own I guess.

This might seem scary, but your post is similar to my post.

Well in so much as I say ego is bad, fear is good.

Except as usual you write it in a more interesting way.



Good thing you found a new car. It's a wise decision to ignore what people are saying about your tastes in things. It's human nature that they try to be the coolest person on the planet with all the their possessions. I actually think Kia cars are cute and comfortable, ya know. I definitely go for comfort than looks. Whenever I apply for cash advance to buy something, I think about the benefit I could get from it. After all, you don't purchase items to please other people, right? So, way to go, Andrew!

- Sofie Britts

Do you have a picture of that Civic you've bought to replace your ever-so-reliable Kia? Your Kia must have really done a lot for you in those past four years. It's also cool that you didn't have that much problems with it in those four years. You really take good care of it, do you? I hope you can share photos soon!

Ask Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson and he will say to you with a straight face that Alfa Romeos are the most beautiful cars in the world. I was really surprised that you traded your European sports cars into a Korean station wagon, but I can't find fault in your decision. Kia's are affordable and reliable. I used to own a Rio too, and it never failed me when I needed it. Now I'm driving a Sportage, and I'm fully satisfied with it. I hope we can see pictures of your car, hehe.

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