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February 09, 2011


Love this. And think it would hit the spot if I was a patriotic (blue coller background) American looking to spend some serious cash on a car.

Makes for an interesting comparison with the VW ad.

This stands for something, makes that emotional connection aand proud to own, and feels like it could only be for a 'classic' US marque like Chrysler (and maybe only Chrylser - don't know enough about how it's seen)

But as I said to someone elsewhere, VW is a sweet film with a nice little human insight. But it's a bit 'insert any car (even any mechanical product) here'.

(Call me a planner, but where's the brand in all this - doesn't VW stand for anything nowadays?)

It might be generating some Youtube hits, but 'success' will come down to whether people (outside media land) are watching (and remembering) the Darth Vader car ad (lots of cash flushed away...cos Johnny-car-buyer won't be bothered to find out who's doing the entertaining later) or the VW ad with Darth Vader (money well spent, and next-purchase brand engagement forged).

Only time will tell.

But even now, I couldn't honestly tell you the model featured...even tho I know it was a 'big launch'.

Oh I agree, I remember in my gut this is a Chrysler ad, interestingly, I chatted to girl from Detroit only yesterday who felt incredibly proud to see it
But VW does make me feel good about being a Dad and having something of a Dad car, as you say, the proof would be if those feelings came back when I was putting together the long list - and I associated them with VW.
I always wonder about the Gorilla in that sense, alledgedly their most commercially successful campaign, but I do wonder if, longer term, you remember the advertising or the brand

And how nice is it to have writing like that.

The ad version of Al Pacino's "Any Given Sunday" speech ...

And the voiceover is magnificent.

Can you tell I like this spot?

I certainly can, I even suspect that's not even due to the fact it was done by the Mothership
Stuff like this nearly makes me question giving it all up for the quiet life - nearly

Always been very ambivilant about the Cadbury campaign as well. Part of me wanted it to work; part of me wondered whether the 'branded entertainment' argument was the path to 'anything goes' madness/laziness.

And on the sales front, I've never seen CDM specific numbers, only Cadbury corporately. But these came off the back of a massive health scare-related downturn the year before (salmonella I think), and the relauch of Wispa.

Fold a beautiful shapes,Carrying my endless blessings, Captures the fresh morrowind, Fly by your side, May this paper cranes stope in your heart, For you to Rome yesterday, Welcomed the exhaustion of happiness tomorrow!

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