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June 20, 2011


So what sort of cultural disruptions are worth pursuing? Maybe NP will cover this but as I read the entries and thought about shaving, two areas came to mind,

i) the idea of shaving being a form of skincare and tying that in with the cultural trend towards youthfulness and

ii) exploiting the Old Spice insight that it's women who buy most aftershave, one could look at why shaving would appeal to women and consider the self preservation of avoiding stubble rash. After all, if men expect women to depilate, then women should be allowed to expect the same from men.

Not sure if that's the kind of thing you're looking for, but would like to know.

Don't tell him this, but Rob is actually a really decent bloke too.
I wanted to hate his guts before meeting him, but I loved him.

Can we not make Northern's blog the mutual appreciation society. Besides, you're only being nice because I love your pooch.

As for John's question ... it's like asking 'how long is a piece of string'. There is no fool proof method for this, other than a lot of digging, investigating and questioning and even then it doesn't guarantee success because you have to ensure the work that emanates from it, liberates - or validates - the mood and spirit that you're tapping into.

The 'youthfulness' trend is interesting - but it really needs a greater understanding of what people think is stopping them / or helping them achieve it [from time to diet] to help work out what the POV you want to represent could be or should be.

That doesn't really help does it.

I love that dog, mate.

She is the only reason you have so many people talk to you, you do know that don't you.

Interesting John, from my own point of view I think there's lots you could do with shaving and youthfulness and the disqueiting creep of impossible male role models to follow...but like Rob says, I think there's something a lot deeper going on, which I'll touch on with feedback and stuff.
Rob, Paul, nice to have to have you here but please get a room.
And for clarification, I was praising the agency, not Rob.

Everyone knew that Northern without you having to point it out.


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