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August 18, 2011


Intriguing, as I only read the analysis/crit as opposed to the submission. But, nonetheless - an interesting afternon read, as I wind down into the Bank Holiday. King of Shaves | Join our Kingdom!

I'm reading through all the submissions right now, but I just wanted to pass my congratulations to everyone who took part in this assignment - especially those who took the constructive criticism of the last feedback and adopted the stance of "I'll show them ..."

I'd also like to say 'top job' to Northern, because his feedback is comprehensively awesome. Believe it or not, the evaluation of these assignments takes quite a bit of time so for NP to willingly do it twice in such a relative short time is a demonstration how much he gives a shit - and that's handy, because he's a bloody great teacher.

Well done to all.

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