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May 02, 2012


I agree with pretty much everything you've said there.

I do find the ad agency/ad hack definition of what constitutes a 'big idea' to be extremely narrow-minded. A big idea doesn't always have to announce itself. I reckon there is a big idea in these, it's just 'being' not saying.

I agree, though I take Sell!'s comment on the idea not having to announce itself.

Brave for a beer ad not to show the bottle or product either.

What a combination of a good idea and a brave client. Is there any way you could track how it is doing "out there?" Given the enormous amount of crap advertising
there is for beer, how great to see this. Thank you.

All great points - but I would also add that planners need to be dealing with feelings not just benefits [so to speak] and so knowing how to capture and convey this [with the help of great creatives] is a skill that is highly desirable.

I'm not saying I've got it, I'm just saying that sometimes the biggest insight is that there isn't one other than a feeling.

Love the ads, just hate the clunky web address and font at the bottom of the ads.

Hi Ciaran
I wish we could track it, I'll be keeping an eye out for any anecdotal evidence or reports because I find myself wanting this to do well

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