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January 07, 2013


Great stuff, but one thing I'm not keen on (and I know it's not your terminology) is the fame strategy - not the logic behind it, but the word fame. It really doesn't capture the essence and, worse than that, it could easily transform into a Z-list celebrity strategy.

It's about getting the right thing talked about for the right reason. That's not fame, that's the nod of recognition.

I'm tempted to tease you for being a pedant, but in this I think you have a point, since people often ask me, "Do you mean celebrities?" when this is discussed in the course of work.
I can't think of another one word descriptor, but I've often liked Martin Weigel talking about aiming for 'mass reaction' rather than just 'participation'

Given your charitable nature, I shall refrain from suggesting that being wedded to a one-word descriptor is the height of pedantry.

That's good to know as I suspect it's actually the height of obstinacy

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