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February 28, 2013


I can't believe you fell for him.

Are you jealous?

Nobody ever falls for me.

You mad, misguided, stupid, wonderful fool. I have no idea what led you to write this (boredom) but I showed it my Mum and it was the highlight of her trip. Ha.

Right, gotta go - got a nuclear powered ice breaker to get off. Oh, if only I was joking.

By the way, writing my previous comment probably cost me £10,000 in mobile charges so thats another thing you can be happy about.

And yet you've spent your hard earned dollars on another one?

You're worth it - especially having seen you whine about my lack of rubbish on my blog. By the way, have you spelt "Morrissey" wrongly? It sort of is über-twisted that I noticed it and you - his love child - didnt.

I've just shown my wife and Mum this post, they want to make you a cup of Yorkshire tea. Me? I'll buy you some kimchi in Korea.

I'll hold you to that.
And you spelt didn't wrong


But I love the idea of tea with your Mum and wife-especially it involves one of Jill's cakes.
I'll settle for proving I can out eat both you and Viking Freddie though

I like the way you guys exchanged comments one to another. It shows me that no matter how far the distance, friends will be friends.

Northern will be very happy to learn that Tofan's comment includes the name of a Queen song.

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