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February 07, 2013


I really like the 'Uncle Andrew' idea.

That's not sarcasm ... I really do. I always wanted to be an Agony Uncle [Sob2Rob] but I haven't got the ability to offer really simple but powerful advice.

This string of posts not only helped me, but highlighted how crap I am at answering people who write to me. Fortunately, it's not that many - but from now on, I'll just steer them here because while you might say you're just a swimmer working in the planning equivalent of Slough, you're also very good and it's time you just accepted it.

I second that emotion!

Oh give over, it's far easy to tell people what to do, than actually doing it.
Those that can't, teach

Thank you for this Andrew.

Rob - you are not crap at answering people. I sob to you all the time.

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