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February 01, 2013


The Year of Not Buying anything apart from a paper and satchel repair then?

I'd also suggest that since negative sentiment is way more powerful than positive, the biggest effect will be to piss off those people in first class who are not getting what they paid for.

For a pedant John, I find your lack of detail disturbing
It's the year if not buying anything I don't need
I need a satchel, but I didn't need to buy a new one
I am claiming the newspaper on expenses

And I don't entirely agree with the sentiment about the first class folks, but only because I suspect most revenue comes from standard and while it may piss off a smaller percentage of them, the actual figure in terms of revenue loss might be greater.

And in any case, it's stupid t broadcast to your entire customer base you're being crap when you actually don't have to- unless I'm missing something and they're hoping to generate some Schadenfreude amongst the great unwashed

You're right - I just wonder if the great unwashed will just shrug because they're not getting something that they didn't expect to get anyway and not think deeply enough to see the implication. Especially true of both a relatively captive ccommuter market and an occasional traveller. In this situation, if service falls below what is expected then annoyancce follows (and maybe action), but if you keep expectations low you can get away with murder. Not defending them, just tying to think where it comes from.

Maybe margin per passenger per square foot is the type of metric that drives them. Albeit stupidly.

PS I approve of your rebranding of the year of not buying anything.

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