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April 03, 2013


If this is writing badly, I'd hate to see good writing. Though I always thought the purpose of swimming was not drowning. Shows what I know.

Thanks, Andrew. For me, it is wonderful to have you even kind-of back.

Bloody hell, maybe it's me feeling weak as recovering from a bug caught of the kids, but that almost had me choking up into my coffee.

I always struggle with feeling like I need to run or cycle, to get away as you put it, with the sense that it's both selfish, taking me away from my wife and kids, and pointlessly indulgent, as it's not like I'm going to win anything now.

"With my children, to not always be educating or even worse, having something more pressing to do. To just play for the sheer joy of playing.

Guess I'm saying that swimming is a contradiction.

It takes me away from wife and children.

Yet swimming helps me work out how to be a better father and husband."

That sums it up beautifully. Glad you're back and hope all is OK.

Lee you are far too kind.
As it happens, I'm doing up my father in law's old road bike too.
Get well soon.

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