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June 17, 2013


Of course people buy products and brands for a myriad of reasons - with very few buying them specifically for the reason the brand promotes - but to discount the proxy element of brand purchase [ie: if apple say they are for creative people, I might look a creative person] would be wrong.

I know you're not saying that and I know it's a fine line between delusion, illusion and brand consultancy bullshit, but if Apple suddenly decided to position their brand 'for the small minded', I bet there would be a significant change in their sales.

Maybe not initially, but eventually.


Or not.


Oh I agree, it's just that the point I was badly trying to make, is that it's not just about how you make people feel, it's also about what you do and their actual experience.
And, I do wonder if they'e not due some brand stuff, since it's all product (at best beautifully simple) and no wonder Samsung are stealing share, I'm not sure they have the emotional authority they once had.
Maybe the Ipod dancing is the last stuff that was as much about feelings as product, but it seems they need another crazy ones, because the actual product specialness and superiority is eroding -which probably means the PR led revelations approach won't be buttering anyones parnips for much longer either.......

I gave pointed Baz in the direction of this post.

Excellent, I haven't had any abuse yet today.

How many phones do you have now?

Well, what they don't need is another self indulgent brand ad like the most recent one.

Have to say I have some sympathy with the sentiment in a recent post by Bob Hoffman:


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