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February 07, 2014


Task-based for the family shop perhaps, but as that moves online, isn't the in-store shop changing in character.

Moreover, narcissism runs deep in everyone's behaviour these days. And aren't treats all about self-image?

I only meant the store shop as an example.

Don't believe that crap about the instore shop, wander around Asda for an hour and see what I mean.

By the way you should read Daniel Millers book on shopping, he argues well that it's an act of love, even buying for yourself is always about how you want to come accross to folks you care about

Treats have lots or roles, but if you've done as many interviews with Mums about biscuits, you'd see that a treat is a symbol of much needed me time.

I don't buy the narcisissm argument, social might be digital showing off, but personally I think it's about community signals and trying to belong - we just like to mimic each other and want to know what we're all doing and join in

Fair enough. I think my definition of narcissism was looser than it should be - we're in agreement on that last paragraph and, indeed on most of your reply.

As it happens, I spend too much time in supermarkets and while a lot of people are task-oriented, it seems to me that there are just as many who are wandering (those people have stopped or never started writing shopping lists).

I guess my real point of questioning was your downplaying of brand marketing in the store. Since we're all shopping to make an impression on others, then aren't we likely to be very receptive to all that touch-feely stuff - assuming that the personal budget stretches to it, of course.

This is all a bunch of reckons though. I have no date to support it.

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