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June 11, 2014


I've always been wrong. Hasn't helped me at all.

I agree with so much of this post and yet there are little bits that I don't.

One of which is playing the fool to members of the creative department. I know you're not literally saying that, but it comes across as advocating being subservient to the creative department and I don't agree with that.

The reason I say this is because if you form a good relationship with your creative team colleagues, you should have the openness to discuss things - from what the brief should be to why the work could be better.

Of course to do that requires trust - and that's where you have to be useful rather than intellectual as well as open not closed [which basically translates to knowing what you're shit at and what your colleagues are great at] - but in my mind there is a line that should never be crossed, and that is when you undermine your value to make someone else feel better or more important.

You should absolutely remember no one is as good as working together [truly together, not just sitting in the same room], but if you're going to be a slave ... make sure it's to the work, not the department.

"Really great idea, I loved it when you presented it last year too!" - Ha !

Tongue in cheek Rob, tongue in cheek - but irony is rubbish if people don't know you're being ironic of course.
I agree with everything say, especially being useful v intellectual. I do think that some agency cultures make it hard to have a good relationship with good creatives, mostly the places where traffic insist you make an appointment and where creatives are told they're god and made to care about solving problems - but irony aside, I do think there is something in helping folks think they thought of stuff themselves.

That's very true. Just like I made you think you came up with the idea behind this post all by yourself.

This is a great post. So true. It's one of diplomacy and one confidence in your own work. It's also one of culture - Planners sift through so much data, reports, research, there needs to be more of an appreciation of the sheer volume and scale of finding the insight that leads to the creative idea. However, the best insights and ideas def come from a group effort.

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