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April 16, 2015


This is really good - even though I'm not convinced that ads make Coke taste better. I'm definitely with the Sharpeian availability crowd when it comes to sodas.

As for Nike, I'm more persuadable, but having worn them before they were advertised over here, I think it was because they were more comfortable and looked good and had real athletic heritage. Maybe I was duped.

You've forgotten the Pepsi Challenge John.
You weren't duped on Nike back then at least- but even you admit you bought on some athletic heritage thingy

Hmm, they gradually began to lose the taste test challenge. And then made the dopiest marketing mistake and changed a successful product rather than cannibalise their own share. Not sure that had nayhting to do with ads - or did it? I rarely drank the stuff.

As for Nike - are you saying the athletic heritage was faked?

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