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June 10, 2015


Please edit the opening to save others from having the spoiler. This made my day a little worse.

Blimey sorry about that, but to be honest, as one can't move online without seeing the commentary, I'm not thus inconsequential blog really makes much of difference. Changed anyway

Thank you very much for this article. I was considering similar implications and comparisons myself after watching the episode.

I've become a parent literally two weeks ago. Still dizzy.

Now I keep catching myself comparing how I feel now to what I would have (probably) felt before the baby, when consuming media content. Makes for interesting thought experiments.

I love videogames too, and caught the last train before the baby came into the world to play Pillars of Eternity: a well-crafted, narrative-led roleplaying experience with some very disturbing plot elements. These revolve around children being born without souls, in a world where existance of souls and reincarnation are an established, everyday sort of thing.

I wouldn't have blinked at this less then a year ago. As it stood, though, I caught myself cringing and emotionally investing more than once.

Kids, eh? (I still can't believe I can actually say that now)

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