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July 05, 2016


Hi, it's Anna - thank you so much for the feedback! It's incredibly helpful and I agree with your points as to where I let myself down. I'm pleased you thought my media planning as that was the bit I was most new to, and also the work ethic/fun tension is a really helpful build.

My only question would be around the 'relax and have fun point' - I was trying to say that craft beer allows them to express themselves without putting in a ton of effort into dressing a certain way/watching certain shows to be cool/etc. - it's a way to say, I am XYZ in an easy and accessible way. Would that still be fairly generic - or did I just not express that thought well enough? Thanks again.

Blimey you didn't let yourself down in any way! I'm certain an expression of doing what pleases you rather than what pleases others is interesting, you might have expressed this better...and if you've seen the Southern Comfort work you'll have seen how great that can work....but that would be my only caveat, it's been done before. Maybe if it's about enjoying the things you love...which can be very 'olympics' as an interesting brand point of view might be that we tend to love winners who look like they enjoy it v the robots!

Haha, perhaps let myself down is a bit strong - I mean that the constructive points around what could be made more watertight are really helpful and I'll definitely take that advice into my "real-world" planning!

Yes, I see what you mean about it having been done before - as I'm sure most people found, so much of the interesting stuff has been done before haha! Enjoying the things you love is really nice - I originally had something around "passion points" but I thought that with such a relatively small budget, the need to 'make a splash' and get that kind of viral traction would need to be a key part of a media strategy.

Thanks again for the feedback - I'm excited to see the rest of the entries!

Hi Andrew, thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate that you guys took time out of your very very busy schedules to go through my deck so thoroughly.

About the 'two brand' collaboration. One of the main reasons I wanted a partnership between Sam Adams and Shepherd Neames was actually so Sam Adams US could sell in this 'Team UK vs Team GB' idea to Shepherd Neames in the UK and tap into the latter's own advertising/media budget for the Olympics, which could then be pooled with our 400k... giving us a larger joint budget overall. I'm really sorry I didn't make it clear in the presentation deck.

I agree with your comment about America's Got Talent being too 'mainstream' and 'low brow'. Initially, I was considering doing a partnership with US & UK musicians at festivals like Glastonbury or the Secret Garden Party etc where we'd get more of the craft beer demographic.

As for evidence to back my argument that the craft beer audience we're targeting is more female than the mainstream beer demographic:

'Some 3,000 people attended (the London Craft Beer Festival) last year, the majority of them twenty- and thirtysomethings and 30-40% of them women. "Unheard of at a beer festival," says co-founder Greg Wells' https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/aug/13/craft-beer-revolution-hops-brewers-flavours

And lots of articles about women leading the craft beer revolution in London.

Not sure if this is sufficient! I've never really done APSOTW before and wasn't really sure about the amount of figures/evidence required! Terribly sorry for missing them out. Also, was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to best go about finding these figures when I don't have access to WARC. Most of my numbers/research I got from newspaper articles online but am not sure how credible those are!

Thanks again for everything!

I should be thanking you, there's a curious thing about poisoning young minds with guidance, mentoring and stuff that the teachers learns too...looking at fresh approaches, ideas ,it's great and makes you question your own approach and ideas.
Anyway, thanks for making it clear why you want to partner with the other brewer....it makes logical sense to get 'free media spend' but a watch out for me is that partnerships need to be carefully chosen, as people CAN confuse your brand with a partner.
Also, brands are illusions. Stella Artois pretends in ads that it's from the South of France and spent many years placing the brand in the 1960's..when the cans are made in the UK. A mass market lager can get away with this, I'm not sure a US Craft Beer can, as authenticity matters and, while no one will care if it's factually made in the UK, making it part of the marketing could make it 'feel' wrong. I think a brand from Boston...intelligent, refined, loads of sports heritage, the antithesis of the US Brits like to look down on, could have lots of mileage.
And I think that evidence is really great....we weren't expecting TGI runs or anything like that, just some evidence you had investigated and based it on some reliable evidence (my fault not clear with you!!!)
I often think the biggest challenge in planning isn't knowing what to do, or understanding a brand's buyers...it's proving it. Great planners are always investigating culture and get an instinct for these things, it's annoying when stuff that's totally obvious to you isn't to others...and many clients are so risk averse and have to present on to someone else (the case here) that they need evidence to give them confidence, or sell to people who are too removed from what their audience really cares about.
I think desk research is usually brilliant by the way...you might want to subsribe to NVision news letters (you get lots of free data) and follow them on Twitter, also, go the qual route and go out and talk to your audience in the right environment. The first thing I would have done would be to go to a craft beer bar, soak up the atmosphere and even try and talk to one or two people...maybe about the Olympics as well as beer!! You would not believe how a few photos or videos of dirty, but first hand research can sway a client!!!!!
Hope this helps. And well done for defending your work, an old duffer like me isn't necessarily right, it's for you to decide if you would have done anything different

Wow, thanks so much for the advice!

Regarding the partnership, I didn't actually want to bring up the fact that Sam Adams beer sold in the UK was made in the UK. Rather, I thought a partnership with Shepherd Neames would allow us to 'bounce off' each other as separate brands, Sam Adams still retaining its very American identity and Shepherd Neames positioned as its UK 'rival' of sorts. It would be the same as Sam Adams vs Brewdog for example. I only chose Shepherd Neames because they already have a working relationship together. That said, I do agree with your point that the two brand thing might end up confusing people more than anything!

Thanks for the tip regarding NVision! I've followed them on Twitter! I was really impressed by all the entries and the amount of stats and media buy figures they had! Where do they get them from? I'm a copywriter in Singapore and have never really done this kind of planning before, so was just kind of figuring my way around! Yes and I totally agree about the 'ethnographic research' route. Would definitely have gone out to talk to people but was really swamped with work and only managed to spend an evening on the deck the day it was due! For future APSOTW assignments, I'll certainly try some first hand research!

Thanks again for being so patient!

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