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September 06, 2018


That might be the power of brands, it could also be the stupidity of people.

I think this is the brand version of designing something in its next larger context. But far less pretentious.

It's the irrationality of people. Brands help us choose easily because we can't be bothered, but they also create a placebo effect
Most brands are really providing holes rather than drills
A Dodds comment, I feel very honoured

Two actually. Now, three.

You'd have had more in the past but your commenting system was less usable than it is now.

When did you last (voluntarily) go without something?

Interesting question
Coffee for a month - re-learned to taste it and feel the hit
Shaving - tried to grow a beard, the clean shaven feeling after the grimy itchiness was immense
Wine for a month - re-learned to savour the taste and the unique sensations instead of drinkingh it like Ribena
Buying things I want (rather than need) for a year - and re-learning the pleasures of things and the dangers of buying things to cover holes in your real life
Going on trips without my family - and missing them despite the fact I need time without them too
Carbs - bad idea, very grumpy and joyless, carbs give you joy
Sleep and general life without children, I wish I could shake people without kids and tell them to enjoy the freedom, kids are brilliant, the sacrifices are worth it, but sacrifices they are

But you couldn't give up the pink cycling accessories.

Ohhh! I tried no coffee (NOvember thing last year) and no carbs (keto diet for 4 months) too.

Coffee: Was a zombie for a week; felt like death at 4pm every day. Then my body adjusted, and I became a textbook adult who slept at 11pm for the rest of the month. The ordeal made me renew my vows with my daily flat white.

Carbs: This one didn't feel like anything; I'm not that into sugar. Until I ended the sugar fast with a huge hot chocolate. Halfway through the mug, I was all shakey, and felt like I could outrun a Ferrari.

I get the whole "I need time away from my family, but I miss them" thing, though from the other side of the table. As the eldest of three, I periodically insist my parents take vacations, sans me and siblings. Because the kids didn't earn or need the vacations; they did.

Next, I intend to do the "no shoppping" thing this November, and maybe spend 2019 wearing no black. (Too lazy to think much about clothes, so I wear a lot of black.) The latter one is gonna be rough.

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