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March 08, 2019


Whereas using a thirty year old cultural reference isn't tired? I take your point but I think the meerkat/Apple piss-take has revitalised their idea to some degree.

More interesting to me is that I've seen absolutely none of this KFC stuff anywhere though, I imagine, I'll be noticing it from now on. You're absolutely right about its gifability, but that only works if I understand what they're giffing at. No memory, no structure.

Also the one you feature is far far far too long. A thirty second gag (if that) stretched to the longer format. Never understood why people do that. Replicating over-long YT vids I guess.

Should have mentioned the work is American
The UK is different, and I think very good too, but in a different way.
Agree on this execution, but look further and I think the idea of lots of Colonels is so smart. George Hamilton as the brown and crispy colonel is so great.
My point is they've refreshed using the colonel in new and different ways, while the Meerkat, just an opinion, seems to have run out of ideas and perhaps over shadows what they actually do.
I'm not sure folks see the Apple reference, but then again, maybe they don't care and the Meerkat just keeps them front of mind
Debate is always good though, there is rarely a right answer

Interesting thought re Apple recognition. You may be right but, as you say, it's a distinctive variant on the tiring theme. And yes George Hamilton is terrific and selling a specific thing.

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