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September 02, 2020


i just want you to know that i (still) think you're the cat's pijamas. i used to read your blog years ago when i was a planner at saatchis, but when i left agency life to do my own thing (still strategy, but without all the agency whoring and bullshit) i kinda stopped reading all the industry blogs and magazines i used to subscribe to.

but yesterday i seeked you out again. do you know why? because you have great clarity and you're a joy to read.

i've been struggling to put together an online course on communication strategy. struggling because it's forcing to codify things and processes i've always done intuitively, like interviewing people, knowing when i've just discovered THE insight that changes everything, the exquisite joy of distilling that into a line of strategy, tense, terse, on the money. translating that into a creative concept and visual identity (sometimes).

i've been bemoaning the state of the advertising industry, most heart wrenchingly, the UK industry (i'm dublin born and bred but grew up on UK advertising).

searching for inspiration yesterday afternoon, i remembered The Northern Planner. so i rediscovered you. thank you russell.

guy gordon, formerly senior planner at saatchi & saatchi tel aviv

Hey Guy
Nice to hear from you. Glad it's all working out on the other side.
Thankyou for the kind words.
I still enjoy having junior folk, forces you to remember how to formerly do things.
My name is Andrew though!!

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